Education Institutions

Academic organizations collect data in a variety of ways and for a myriad of reasons. What you do with the data is the key behind receiving funding, planning for institutional growth, and strategically preparing for a successful future. Our approach is not to ‘do’ something to the organization, but rather ‘with’ the organization building upon the strengths and structures currently in place.

MWCG has proven success of embedding themselves into the institutional culture of academic organizations and developing an infrastructure to move data from raw information to knowledge. This process is built upon identifying the strengths of an institution through focus groups, surveys, and working with current structures to ensure all divisions of the organization can communicate the story of the institution based on fact.

The Higher Learning Commission's new criteria for accreditation has brought about many challenges for learning institutions with small or non-existent institutional research. The Pioneer Pathways model requires extensive data collection and reporting. Melting Walls teams members have years of experience in higher education and the accreditation process.

Program Development

Putting knowledge to work is the business of Melting Walls Consultants. With a network of talented team members in a variety of professions across the country, Melting Walls plays a key role in focusing the resources of your organization on the needs and issues. 

The accomplishments of Melting Walls are many and varied. But Melting Wall’s most significant accomplishments are not the result of random actions and events. Rather, they are a product of deliberate planning, disciplined implementation, and systematic evaluation of programs, which meet the needs of consumers in Higher  Education, Corporate America and Community Development.

Successful collaborations with Melting Walls clients are created through a deliberate process in which Melting Walls  engages its client and their team  in planning, implementing and evaluating plans of action for addressing needs and issues they have helped to identify.

Performance Management

The cost of doing business is often exacerbated in the hiring and training of employees. Corporations faced with high turnovers and unclear performance measures turn to Melting Walls for guidance in performance management. With our extensive management and leadership experience, MWCG has created a performance management plan to guide leaders and managers in developing their employees and assisting them in reaching their full potential.

This strengths based model incorporates job duties with organizational goals to clearly delineate roles and expectations for employees. We recognize and believe when provided with the right tools, it is ultimately the responsibility of the employee to be successful in any organization.

Focus Groups

Many of our corporate clients contact MWCG to facilitate focus groups across the country. MWCG utilize focus groups as a qualitative marketing research method to understand how people make decisions about - and what factors influence - their use of products or services. Focus groups are an ideal marketing research methodology to employ for:

-Exploring new product or service ideas
-Understanding an organization's brand image
-Testing effectiveness of advertising and marketing concepts and materials
-Differentiating competitors' perceived strengths and weaknesses
-Gaining insights into purchasing decisions
-Conducting product testing


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